Ralph Lauren - Ralph's Coffee

Packaging Illustration

Ralph Lauren - Ralph's Coffee. I was commissioned on numerous projects under the helm of Christopher Heydon. 

I cannot say enough about working with Lucy. While I was global brand director with Ralph Lauren, I had the great pleasure of being acquainted with Lucy's work and the relationship blossomed into several collaborations with our hospitality and retail teams. Her professional and talent are a rarity in a crowded industry. Having exceptional talent (which she does) is only relevant if one can meet deadlines and translate a client's vision into a reality.

Lucy has a unique ability to provide the client with 2 options- an exact replica of what they were initially after and a personal, unique, and often spot on second choice for comparison. Working in the creative field, we often need options to present to our superiors and Lucy's ability to deliver these, always of an outstandingly high quality, and always on time, made working with her a true pleasure. More often than not we went with Lucy's version. I think it goes without saying how truly beautiful and romantic her work is. I look forward to working with her in the future.

Photography credit Zach Austin Click Here to see the photos and the full project: